Community Impact

Our passion is to make a positive impact on the families and the children of every community we are in. We understand the vital role that we have in a child’s life and how we can be the voice of motivation and inspiration!

Live Out Loud And With Purpose

Hi Coach Mac,

I have to tell you that we have been so impressed with the quality of your program! Although we do not know you personally, your coaches bring your spirit into that gym every weekend and your heart comes through in their messages! These meaningful messages delivered to help shape and mold our children into being their best selves in all walks of life is not only beautiful but appreciated!!! 

Thank you for creating such a thoughtful program, I wish there were more places where our children could be both challenged and nurtured at the same time!!!

Lastly I want to give a rave review for your Coach Steven Edwards, I don't know where you found this beautiful human being but his passion, drive, spirit and dedication to you, your program and our children is beyond impeccable!!!! He is no less than amazing!!! He challenges the kids and pushes them so lovingly to break their mental as well as physical barriers and the results speak for themselves.... 

I first heard of your program by seeing road signs posted about in Lake Wylie, and when I learned the practice gym was almost 40 minutes from our home and would be a big time commitment for our family I really thought twice about registering our boys for the program, boy would that have been a huge mistake!!!! It is worth the drive, it's worth so much more that you charge and it's been worth the work for our boys who's skill levels and confidence are increasing with each practice!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you make a difference and are changing lives one child at a time!!!! 

Gratefully yours,  Jodi Easton, Carl, Evan and Jae Eklund

"Hi Coach Mac!, I wanted to personally thank you for helping transform my son, Jack. He’s always been labeled as “too short” or “too small” and certainly never picked first to play on anyone’s team. Jack took these labels as his personal challenge to get better. He didn’t know how to shoot very well and so we enrolled him in your Shooting Academy last year. He didn’t know the right fundamental way to play the game and so we enrolled him in your instructional leagues. He focused his entire energies on getting better and I wanted to let you know everything has paid off in a huge way! Jack’s 7th grade team tryouts finished yesterday. There were over 50 kids that tried out. Jack made the team!!! In one short year he has developed into a consistent outside shooter and a solid fundamental all around player. You would not believe the increase in his confidence. I can’t thank you and the rest of the coaches enough for your amazing programs and excellent instruction! You’ve made such a tremendous positive impact on Jack!

Thank you!!"

- Jim Auslander

"Coach, I enrolled my son, Zac, in the Summer Guard Skills and Shooting Skills Academies and followed that up with the Fall Guard Skills and Saturday Basketball Training and League. Zachary’s transformation has been quite remarkable. He has gone from a blender to a take charge player with shooting and ball handling skills that have gone from borderline mediocre to being pretty darn good. I have coached him for most of his basketball career and had, from time to time, seen him display signs of being a pretty good player. It was Yes I Can Basketball, however, Coaches Oates, Tapp and you that have made a tremendous difference in his skills and attitude, changing him in the most positive of ways as a player.

Thanks again"
- Michael Inserra

"Coach Mac, I would like to thank you for your dedication to being a positive influence for all the kids who participated, particularly my sons. They had a great time and learned a lot this summer. More importantly, they were exposed to what is really important about sports, and life. It takes little effort not to participate, but great effort to succeed. You've equipped them with some tools to succeed. Dan, you have a great message, and an even better way of delivering that message. It's obvious to me that you are a man of great faith, and it truly shines through when you're with the kids. That's most important of all!

Thanks again and God bless!"
- Dan Marshall

“Coach Mac, My son's participation in your program over the past several years has had a very positive impact on him--both in terms of his basketball and his development into a young man. I read where Winston Churchill once said: "The finest human art is uplifting others, elevating them to a higher plane than our own". That has happened to my son in your program; and, I want to thank you for it.”- Greg Gabriel

“Coach Mac, I wanted to let you know that my daughter, Morgan Houchins, made the basketball team at Charlotte Country Day (MS – 7th grade) and is looking forward to a great season. I really believe her confidence is largely attributable to the encouragement and skill development she received through Yes I Can basketball. Thanks to you and your staff for providing a real SERVICE to these girls!!” - Carlie Houchins

“The league was a lot of fun. I felt I improved by playing against good competition and the teaching from Coach Mac was helpful. You get a lot of playing time in this league. They make sure everyone plays a lot.” - Billy Olson - 13yr old

“Coach Mac, I want to thank you for the positive message you bring to the game of basketball. The way you motivate kids is truly a gift. Those kids leave that gym truly feeling good about themselves and life. I have been around basketball since I have been 8 years old and the way you teach this game is the best I have ever seen. You have truly figured out how to use the game of basketball to teach kids about life and prepare them for this world.” - Scott Chitwood

“You have had a significant impact on my son Buster at a time when he needed it, for that I’m so grateful. You have such a unique gift with kids.” Pat Johnson“I have been involved with all four of my boy’s sports programs for 17 years. Your program is the best I have ever seen. You are more than just a coach for basketball. You are a life coach and such a blessing to our sons and daughters.”

- Tarisa Stidham

“I want to thank you for the impact your Academy and Leagues have had on my son Josh. The caliber of people and level of instruction your program displays is top notch.” - Will Hornor

“Coach Mac, I want first to tell you how much it meant to Hannah to be able to participate in your wonderful program this past summer. This was the BEST thing she could have been involved in. It helped raise her self-confidence, and the inspirational messages strengthened what we try to teach her at home.”- Cindy Matthews