Our Leagues

What Makes them so popular?

Players and families find great value in the Yes I Can Basketball Leagues. And for good reason; It combines professional teaching from highly trained and experienced coaches, along with competitive games. Players receive a steady diet of motivational messages, held in clean safe gyms that are conveniently located - all in a positive atmosphere at an affordable rate. Leagues are held in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

Our Leagues

League Motion offense

Instead of teaching plays – we teach our players HOW to play. All players in our leagues are taught a five man motion offense. Emphasizing cutting, movement spacing and screening. This is part of the “secret sauce” of Yes I Can Basketball. Zone defenses are not allowed. Strictly man to man.

Our motion offense teaches players the importance of:

  • Spacing

  • Cutting

  • Off Ball movement

  • Screening Both On And Off The Ball

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our motion offense by watching this short video.

Types Of Leagues


Players will go through a 40 minute "practice" focusing on skills training and development followed by a 40 minute league game. Playing immediately after their practice gives players a chance to immediately implement concepts and skills they just worked on.

Types Of Leagues


Our players love this! League stats are tracked and posted on the website after each weekends games. We track players points, assists and rebounds.

Types Of Leagues


This league makes sure players feel like they "fit in." Players that have average skills for their age or simply need a confidence boost are placed in the NCAA division. Players that have mature skills are placed in the NBA division.

Types Of Leagues


Stands for "Lots Of Basketball" In this league, if your games are on week nights boys will play 2 games a week and if your games are on weekends boys will play 2 games per day - league games are 40 minutes - a brief teaching clinic will be held before each league game. This league is designed for players that are hungry for game action.


Although our leagues attracts top talent - the emphasis is clearly on the development of the player - not the team! We teach Motion Offense in all our leagues (except our “Little Dribblers League”). It’s an offense that is ideal for youth athletes! This offense teaches screening, how to balance the floor, good spacing, how to move without the ball to get open, dribble penetration, and it requires each player to play all five positions. Our purpose in teaching Motion Offense to all our players is simple; instead of teaching plays, it teaches how to play. 

A common complaint in many leagues is that practice times are spent working on team offenseteam defense, team out of bounds plays...rarely do players work on individual skills. Not so in Yes I Can Basketball leagues. All practices are conducted by trained Yes I Can staff before each game; insuring plenty of work on improving individual skills. Each player goes through 40 minutes of non stop high energy individual drills before each game. No scheduled practices during the week. No travel!

A common complaint in many leagues is that unless you're one of the top players on the team - don't expect to play quality minutes. Not so in Yes I Can Basketball Leagues. Equal playing time is strictly enforced.

The first day of league is devoted to evaluation and teaching. Players will be rated and then drafted. “Our goal is to have the games as close and exciting as possible. We can make this happen by doing our best to balance the talent level of the teams.” Zone defense is not allowed. Players will play strictly man to man defense.

Our Yes I Can Basketball site directors are carefully selected experienced coaches that pass extensive background checks. Many if not all are former college and professional players. They're high energy individuals that simply love to teach and inspire kids. All site directors will personally teach the drills before each league game and be responsible for running their league. See our staff page on our website for Site Director bios. Coach McGovern rotates from site to site each league day  

Our staff will evaluate the players on the first day and assign them to hand selected balanced teams. It’s not an exact science but we do our best to make accurate evaluations. We ask that you trust we are doing what is best for your son or daughter, in their team assignment. Our staff are all trained professionals with years of coaching and evaluating experience. Most either played or coached at the collegiate or professional levels. We ask that you trust their trained eyes! 🙂 

You need to trust us. Feel free to speak with us if you are not comfortable with the evaluation – and as the season progresses, and we see that a change is what is best for your child we’ll consider changing Divisions. Open communication is welcomed. We’ll do our best to act in a manner that is best for your child.

We offer a full refund (minus a $15 admin fee) as long as you notify us BEFORE the program starts.

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