Yes I Can Play FOundation


Let 'EM Play

We Believe Every Kid Deserves A Chance to play

Statistics show that kids who participate in youth athletics experience countless physical and emotional benefits that folow them through the course of their lives. In fact, many adults point to their participation in youth sports as having the most significant impact on their character development.

The bad news is that not every kid can afford to participate in high level youth athletic programs. We are not big fans of bad news so we decided to do something about it.

The Yes I Can Play Foundation is a non-profit organization that believe all children deserve the chance to play sports. Our primary goal is to simply raise funds to help children whose families are unable to afford expenses associated with participating in Yes I Can Basketball or other youth sports programs.

Please note, Yes I Can basketball does not benefit financially from the Foundation - in fact this non profit is set up to ensure that does not occur.

For years, Yes I Can Basketball simply provided scholarships for those we knew needed the help. Yes I Can PLAY Foundation is our way of ensuring that we do this the right way, with the highest level of impact to local youth. Our goal is simple: if a kid wants to play, we want to make that happen. We need your help.