Sir Darryl Johnson

Northwest Charlotte Regional Director

Sir Drryl Old


Coach Sir-Darryl Johnson is a Connecticut native who recently relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina. He was a top high school athlete playing basketball, football, and track and field at the varsity level. From leading his basketball team to multiple state tournaments and created a household name for himself throughout Connecticut. After high school, he went on to play Division II football and Division III basketball in college.

As a player Coach Johnson was always an extension of the coach so naturally, once his playing career was over, he began coaching and training athletes. Not only did he coach multiple youth leagues, skills combines and summer basketball programs he also ran a basketball league in his hometown.

Coach Sir-Darryl Johnson has a unique ability to connect with all young athletes.  His teaching strategy includes two key points, have fun and get better. He knows positive feed back and excitement encourages players to feel proud of themselves as they learn.